Hezron releases follow-up album

The soulful singer/songwriter, Hezron, released his critically acclaimed follow-up album “The Life I Live(d), at Ft. Lauderdale’s leading live reggae music venue, The Gardens, with an up close & personal live performance on Sunday April 9, 2017.

After almost a decade of not being able to enter the USA, international recording Reggae artist Hezron returned to the States with a brand new double-disc album titled, “The Life I Live(d).”

Hezron will gave the media, and industry taste-makers an intimate performance backed by the world renowned, Code Red Band and a special appearance by Louie Culture.

Hezron gave the full venue an authentic “Reggae & R-n-B” experience through his soulful set and made it hard to deny the growth over the years. Being stuck in Jamaica for over 10 years was a gift rather than a curse for Hezron.

He was able to craft his captivating style of performance and wrote songs only Jamaica could inspire “As a singer, I am supposed to tell the people’s story, to feel it the way they would feel it and execute it in the realest way, because that’s me, a representative of the people.”

The double-disc album was released on March 25th on all major digital platforms and physical copies are available on Amazon.

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