The radio-thon hosted by the Philipsburg Broadcasting radio stations at the parking lot of Philipsburg Jubilee Library on Saturday, November 24th, has yielded $32,000, the Library announced Sunday.

The library, which is celebrating its 95th anniversary, has been in dire straits since the devastating hurricane season of 2017 and the subsequent looting of laptops and tablets. Only 12 per cent of the library building can be used currently. 
Saturday’s donations were made by members of the general public, businesses and organizations, both in cash and in cheques. Funds were also raised from the sales of food and drinks at the library’s parking lot.

ON AIR Cares is an initiative of Philipsburg Broadcasting which uses all on-air personalities to give back or help the community through awareness, donations or volunteering.

The public can make donations to the library’s bank account at Windward Islands Bank (WIB) #871711-07 (NAf.)

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